Day 9

Farewell Basque Country

The final day of our Rick Steves tour we bid Farewell to the Basque Country. The itinerary for the day was: have breakfast, check out. We got to sleep in as our flight leaving Bilbao was late in the evening.

The last day was a bitter sweet day for us. As we mentioned in our pre-tour post, we had been traveling through Europe for a couple of months prior to the Rick Steves tour. This was the first time we had constant contact with individuals besides ourselves or short-term conversations in pubs. And I would really recommend having conversations with your tour mates should you chose to embark on a Rick Steves tour. These will be your companions for many days, stuck on a bus together, in the hotel lobby or restaurants, and out on the town with you. Yes, you can find time for just yourselves, we did. Sometimes we ventured off on our own, but many times we would find companions who wanted to come with us. Experiences are best had with others, and if you can bond with them, even better.

Oh and definitely head over to the tours page and sign up for one! No we are not working on commission, but I can say you will enjoy the ride.

Beyond the Rick Steves Basque Country Tour

At this point, we still had another 4 months left of traveling. The next stop for us was Venice! The entire trip continues to be an amazing experience for Jordaniel. Of course, that is another post!

Jordaniel in Venice
Jordaniel in Venice after the tour!

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