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The type of traveling varies among different travelers. We embarked on a six-month journey, traversing various countries using different methods of transportation. Additionally, we joined a Rick Steves tour through the Basque Country. Rick offers many tips for traveling through Europe, which can be integrated into any type of travel.

When engaging in long-term travel, remember to consider the different climates you will encounter. We planned our locations so we were not exposed to extreme hot or cold conditions. While sunny days are always appreciated, rainy days are inevitable. With climate changes, we now must also consider the possibility of fires, landslides, and other natural events that could disrupt a trip.

With this in mind, here are some travel tips we can offer to make sure you have a great time on your trip.

Travel tips: Travel light and use a back pack

Travel Light

We cannot stress this enough. Initially we set fourth on our adventure with only a carry-on backpack. Backpacks are great when walking through cobblestone streets or ascending lots of stairs. Way better than a rolling bag that is subject to break. We both have the Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack which you can use as a carry on in most airlines. We also had smaller bags to use for day trips when not lugging around the bigger bag.

Some of the items I carried included:

  • First Aid Kit and ace bandage
  • Stasher bags and collapsible food storage containers
  • Plug in convertors
  • Chargers for all my gadgets
  • Important documents and passports

While not inclusive, these are things that may be overlooked when packing.


You don’t need an outfit for every day. If you are staying in one location and can haul an oversized suitcase then this may be different. But if you are moving by trains and airplanes, the more luggage you have, and the heavier it is, the harder time you will have. Clothes take up a lot of room. The term “capsule wardrobe” means having the option to mix and match different tops and bottoms to complete the outfit. This works well when traveling, we stayed in neutral colors, lots of blacks, greys, and whites. The people you meet won’t know that you wore that shirt two days ago. Although your Instagram shots may tell a different story.

A great rain jacket can be a life saver and be the difference between staying in or venturing out on rainy days. Being soaked is not fun. Invest in a good rain jacket that isn’t bulky and take up a lot of space.


I took three pairs of shoes with me: walking shoes, flip flops, and Birkenstocks. I would have loved to have taken my hiking boots but they were too bulky and heavy. Jordan would have loved to have had various shoes to wear for any occasion, but comfort over form wins in packing light. Keep in mind that when you are not wearing them, you are packing them. Also, remember other countries have shoe stores. We both went through a pair of walking shoes and had to shop for new ones!

Rest up

No matter how hard you train, nothing can prepare you for the types of movements you will be doing on your trip. Europeans just walk more than Americans. There are days when you have to wake up early to catch a train or plane. There will be nights when you stayed out longer than anticipated. The hills may be like nothing you’ve encountered. Or countless stairs that need to be climbed to capture that view. I would suggest taking advantage of catching a nap as often as you can, or sleeping in on days when you are able to.

Do some planning, but leave some wiggle room

When we left, we had a handful of countries we wanted to visit. But we didn’t have every AirBnB/Hotel booked, every travel transportation ticket purchased, nor even every second planned. Some of the fun was figuring that our on the fly. Yes, it was nerve wrecking but spiked our adrenaline and allowed us to get recommendations from locals or other travelers.

Planning out our travels

Have fun

Remember why you are traveling, having fun! Be kind to people, reach out and make new friends. There are a lot of great people on this planet, go out and meet some. The relationships you build while traveling is different. They are your fellow travel companions, expats who now live in a new area, or locals who like to reach out to tourists. Leave an impressionable mark on others by doing good and meeting new people.

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