Basque Country Foods

Perhaps the best thing about traveling is trying out different cuisines. Here are the Basque Country foods that we indulged on while on our tour.

The first is the many pintxos, or tapas, we enjoyed. We were first introduced to pintxos on Day 3 of our tour, and here is a selection of some that we enjoyed.

For the tour, a lot of Basque Country foods were introduced to us in the places we ate. Like the lunch at Hotel Loizu on Day 3 where we had our first taste of white asparagus. Or the winery at Bodegas Lezaun where we discovered pig cheek on Day 5.

Not to be forgotten are the desserts! Sweets were plentiful but if you only try one, make it the famous Basque cheesecake.

No trip would be complete without trying the local drink of choice. While in the Basque Country, we really enjoyed vermouth. Most locations have their own vermouth in a cask with various flavors added to it to spice them up. There are even cocktails of mixed vermouths. This is a perfect sippable and delicious beverage, especially on a hot day! Other favorites were cidre, a fermented wine, and Txakoli, an aerated white wine.

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